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Research Process

Our investment process comprises two key components: Fundamental Analysis and Financial Statement Analysis.

Fundamental Analysis:

Fundamental Analysis uses subjective judgment to analyse a company's value or prospects based on non-quantifiable information, such as management expertise, industry cycles, strength of research and development, and labour relations. Central to Fundamental Analysis is understanding the components vital for the company’s long-term success. Analysis of these areas allows us to truly understand the core aspects relevant to the company’s long-term success and therefore, enable an informed decision to be made regarding a company’s future and growth. This is essential for any investment decision.

Financial Statement Analysis:

Further underpinning investment decisions is the Financial Analysis of the stock. Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements form a financial summary that we input into our financial model, allowing interpretation of ratios and valuation metrics such as their profitability, debt and liquidity which we then interpret to inform our views on their scalability, organic growth, valuation and – ultimately – our valuation targets for the investment.

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