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About Us

Established in 2019, Mu Capital Group is a student-run investment group with a strong educational focus.

Mu Capital Group aims to develop students’ understanding of financial markets, the processes involved in company analysis and ultimately improving financial literacy. We achieve this through delivering a blend of passive and active learning. Analysts participate in a formal education and introduction to Financial Statement and Fundamental Analysis, before presenting multiple stock pitches of their own each semester, allowing members to practically apply what they have learnt. All members have an equally weighted vote on the decision to invest in the equities pitched. We monitor the future price movements of the equities in which we invest with the hope that our investment thesis comes to fruition. The performance of our portfolio aids our educational process – providing tangible means to assess the quality of our investment process; helping to identify potential oversights that we can learn and improve from.

Mu Capital Group is solely an educational exercise that aims to be insightful and beneficial to members, aiding a potential future career in finance, investing or business. We are open to all students regardless of previous experience or degree path.

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